Managed Billing Services

AERYX develops and manages customized billing solutions for many large clients. Each solution involves any combination of the components of the AERYX Managed Billing Services platform; each of which is listed below:

  • Consolidation of electronic billing data
  • Re-rating of the billing information based on customer’s applicable rates and rules
  • Creation of EDI output files
  • Cost Centre invoicing based on hierarchy
  • Executive-level summary reporting
  • End-User Statements by Cost Centre
  • Web-based reporting
  • Addition of flow-through 3rd Party charges
  • Generation of an electronic Invoice file

Using the client’s requirements, AERYX builds solutions that use the appropriate components from the list above while recognizing that each customer’s needs are unique, i.e. they have a different set of inputs, customer-specific rules and a different set of outputs. Once the solution is built and tested, a monthly schedule of activities is developed and agreed-upon. Since business needs do invariably change over time, changes to solutions, major or minor, may occur each month.

AERYX is adamant that all of its Managed Billing Services must maintain the highest level of quality. As such, AERYX recognizes that any solution may, at any time, be subject to organized third-party auditing and assurance such as SOX-compliance or SAS70 auditing standards.

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