Order Management Solutions

An AERYX Order Management Solution provides an efficient and effective management of a Vendor’s products and service assets. Such products and services are billed each month based on a variable or flat rate for each particular product and service being utilized that particular month. Based on the requirements of the customer, a web-based Order Management Solution is designed, developed and implemented to support the pricing and asset types involved between the Vendor and its customers. Through the use of an AERYX Order Management Solution, existing systems within the Vendor’s corporate environment can be leveraged through customized interfaces that allow information to be exchanged between the various platforms.

For a large Telecommunications service provider, AERYX built an Order Management Solution to allow the billing and management of telephone lines, telephone sets and voice mailboxes. Personnel from the Finance Company, the Vendor and the end-user share the management and administration of this program. Each new asset installation at an end-user branch results in an order being placed in the Vendor’s internal Order System and also results in a lease being booked in the Finance Company’s lease accounting system.

During the month, the Order Management Solution provides the following major functional capabilities:

  • Record, price and track MAC activities
  • Facilitate asset add-ons
  • Allow on-line site-specific asset queries

A single Summary Invoice is created each month and distributed directly by AERYX. This invoice will show the total current charges due as well as any charges outstanding from previous months. A Billing Report is also produced each month and distributed directly by AERYX. This Billing Report shows the port quantities, the monthly charge for each Cost Centre, a sub-total for each Site and the total amount due for the month.

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