Retail Management

The AERYX Progressive Retail Suite consists of several tools from POP Creation to Store Planning to Store Surveys and Digital Asset Management. Customers can choose from any combination of these tools each of which can be customized to the retailer’s environment. More details concerning each of the modules is provided below.

Progressive Store Planning

  • Individual Store Layouts are uploaded to the Store Planning tool
  • Store Layouts can be associated to many areas such as Department, Bay Type and Bay Description
  • Uploaded Layouts can be assigned to one or more users with optional e-mail notification

Progressive Store Surveys

  • The Store Survey tool allows for easy-to-use method for capturing and recording the components of each bay within a particular store.
  • Using any mobile device, users of the Store Survey tool can record the contents of each bay while strolling through any bay of any of the retailers stores.

Progressive Digital Asset Management

  • The web-based DAM tool provides instant access to a Retailer’s catalogue of digital assets
  • The DAM allows users to identify, catalogue and manage components such as Corporate logos, brochures, in-store banners and Aisle End-caps
  • This tool provides on-line search and access to all such assets with an optional integration to the POP tool.

Progressive POP Creation

  • Creation of POP can be easily accomplished using our state-of-the-art web-based tool.
  • Suppliers and personnel of the retailer use pre-approved templates to create and review in-store signage in minutes.
  • Using an integration with authorized Print Manufacturers, approved orders are kitted, printed and shipped to the required locations

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